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Baseball Cards Only - Updating Wish List

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How to use Wish Lists

Wish lists are relatively simple to use.

  • 1. Browse through cards adding them to your cart as you go
  • 2. Once you have cards in your cart from the view cart screen you can click Send to wish list
  • 3. If you have a wish list created already choose the name from the drop down OR choose NEW and give a name to create a new list
You have now created a wish list!

To access you list you can go to the Customer Account page and login then click View Wish Lists.

You can also add the entire wish list to your cart with a single click from either the main view screen or from within the list.

We have a server side process that will go through and reduce any qty of cards that we sell while you are building your list, the cart will also not allow you to add more qty for an item than exists in inventory. If you get a card that you added and now it is gone that could be because we have sold the card from inventory.

Wish Lists do NOT reserve inventory they simply allow you to build your list of cards you would like to purchase over time and then allow you to add them all to the cart at once to checkout.

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