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What is Baseball Card Collecting?
Baseball card collecting connects fans with baseball players and gives the fan a sense of involvement in game. Collecting baseball cards has been a popular hobby for over 100 years. A collector has quite a selection of cards from which to collect. This can be confusing but it also offers freedom. In the end the choice of what you should collect is yours. A theme or taste often guides a collector.
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Some collectors collect cards from a specific era or type or of a favorite player or team. Some collectors collect unusual or rare cards. Some collectors simply collect what fancies them at the moment. Some collectors change their focus over time, perhaps switching from 1950 Topps and Bowman to 1930s Goudey. Some try to create sets gathering each different card from a particular issue. Some collect errors or variations. Some collect players from their home town or school. Some collectors specialize in rookie cards. Some collect the aptly named odd ball cards which includes cards like the Cranes Potato Chip Discs, Armour Hot Dog Coins and Spic n Span Die-Cuts.
Mickey Mantle 1953 card
Recent Additions:
Huge selection of Vintage Rookie cards have been recently added to our database!
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Baseball Card Care, How to take care of your cards.
Taking card of your cards is essential in keeping their value. An accidental ding or crease can lower a cards value. There are many affordable products to protect your cards.

  • Always be careful when handling your cards. In fact, handling them as little as possible is best. When you do pick them up, use clean hands and avoid touching the sensitive corners. Keep your card away from damaging elements, such as excessive heat, cold, water, humidity, dryness and direct sunlight.
  • A great way to house your cards is in a cardboard box made for cards. You will find these boxes in specific shapes to house and protect your cards. They come in sizes to hold different amounts of cards. These are stackable and will fit easily into most closets or storage places.
  • There are also clear plastic pages which hold cards. These pages are designed to protect, preserve and display cards. You also can buy an album to put your pages in.
  • Top Loaders are a clear plastic and semi-rigid holder which holds one card. These are protective and allow you to handle the card. There are also penny sleeves which are clear thin sleeves which you can put the card in before you put it into the holder.
  • There are heavy-duty holders. Most of these are clear plastic slabs which are snapped or screwed together. These are usually used for the more expensive or especially favorite cards.

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1947 Larry Doby is signed by the Cleveland Indians and becomes the first black player in the American League.