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Jello Baseball Cards from 1963

1 Cards

Information about this set:
The 1963 Jello set consist of 200 cards which measure 2 ½” by 3 3/8’. The cards are much like the Post Cereal set and even feature the same player and number as the Post set. The slight difference is that the 1963 Jello cards are just a tad smaller then the Post. Many of the cards are difficult to find due to the fact that they were printed on the unpopular flavors and sizes of Jello. Cards 1-100 feature American League players while 101-200 feature National League players.


Team: Yankees
Year: 1963
Brand: Jello
Card Number: 15
Condition: NMMT
Quantity Available: 1
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RUN BATTER IN (RBI) Statistics which shows how often a player has made it possible for his/her team mates to score while at bat. A player who has 30 RBI’s has caused 30 runs to be score. A batter is not credited with an RBI if he hits into a double play or if the run is scored because of an error.