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SP Premium Prospects Baseball Cards from 1995

1 Cards


Team: White Sox
Year: 1995
Brand: SP Premium Prospects
Card Number: 8
Condition: NMMT
Info: Die Cut
Quantity Available: 1
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baseball bat
The longest thrown ball was accomplished in 1957 and still stands to this day. It was Glen Edwards Gorbous, a Canadian who was in the Majors from 1955-1957. The total distance of travel before the baseball hit the ground was 445 feet 10 inches! Breaking the old record by 9 inches that was set in 1956. Gorbous had a stature like Tim Lincecum, standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and only 175 pounds. They say the ball left his hand at an estimated 120mph. It would take a lot of long toss to beat this record.