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We are lucky enough to have a 1933 Goudy #53 Babe Ruth in our collection.

1933 Goudy Babe Ruth Baseball Card Front1933 Goudy Babe Ruth Baseball Card Back

Babe Ruth History

Birth name: George Herman Ruth
Born: Feb 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland
Died: Aug 16, 1948 in New York, New York
Height: 6' 2\" Weight: 215 lbs
Batted: Left Threw: Left
MLB debut: July 11, 1914
Last MLB appearance: May 30, 1935
Hall of Fame: Elected in 1936

Here are some interesting facts about Babe Ruth.

  • The Orioles sold Ruth to the Boston Red Sox on July 9, 1914 along with two other players as part of a fire sale by team owner Jack Dunn, who found himself in financial straits when the presence of a Baltimore franchise in the new Federal League obliterated the Orioles’ attendance.

  • In Ken Burns' documentary Baseball, noted journalist and author Dan Okrent said Ruth was “the best lefthanded pitcher of the 1910s, without question, in the American League.” Indeed, among AL lefties with at least 1,000 IP in the decade, Ruth had the lowest ERA (2.19) and highest winning percentage (.659) while ranking fourth in wins, tied for fourth in shutouts and ninth in strikeouts.

  • Ruth broke the single-season home run record in three consecutive seasons, with 29 in 1919, 54 in 1920 and 59 in 1921. Prior to Ruth, the record was 27 and had been set in 1884 by the Chicago White Stockings’ Ned Williamson, who played in a home ballpark in which the rightfield wall was just 196 feet from home plate.

  • By the time Babe Ruth was 19, he had drawn the eyes of minor league recruiter Jack Dunn. Jack liked the way Babe pitched and so signed him to the Baltimore Orioles for $600. Babe was ecstatic to get paid to play the game he loved.

  • A standout amongst the most well known stories about Babe Ruth includes a homer and a kid in the healing center. In 1926, Babe Ruth caught wind of a 11-year-old kid named Johnny Sylvester who was in the healing center in the wake of having a accident. The specialists weren't certain if Johnny was going to live. Babe Ruth promised to hit a homer for Johnny. In the following game, Babe not only hit one homer, he hit three. Johnny, after listening to the news of Babe's homers, begun to feel better. Babe later went to the healing center and went to see Johnny in person.

  • An alternate renowned story about Babe Ruth is a standout amongst the most popular stories of baseball history. Amid the third round of the 1932 World Series, the Yankees were in a heated rivalry with the Chicago Cubs. At the point when Babe Ruth goes up to the plate, Cub players annoyed him and a few fans even tossed fruit at him. After two balls and two strikes, the incensed Babe Ruth indicated out to center field. With the following pitch, Babe struck the ball precisely where he had anticipated in what has been termed the \"called shot.\" The story got to became hugely popular; be that as it may, its not precisely clear whether Babe intended to call his shot or was simply pointing at the pitcher.

  • The rookie card: The Baltimore News printed the first baseball card to feature Ruth in 1914. It featured his photo on the front (printed in either red or blue), with the Orioles' International League schedule on the back. Only 10 are known to be in circulation, and the top bid fetched for one was $450,300, in 2013.