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How to Sell Your Baseball Cards

We are usually buying quality baseball cards. If you have cards that you would like to sell, please read these guidelines first. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have.

  1. What We Want: We am interested in purchasing rookie cards, vintage cards (at least pre-1980, earlier preferred), serial numbered cards, certified autographed cards, short prints, and game used cards. With the exception of certain notable rookie cards and a few sets that are particularly popular with collectors (i.e. 1992 Bowman), we are NOT generally interested in any cards from the 1980's or early 1990's, since we have multiple copies of most everything from those years. However, my needs change frequently and we are always willing to look at your list if you put the time into making it. Due to the expense of shipping cards through the mail, we do not generally purchase low value common cards.

    Unlike some other dealers, we are not exclusively interested in purchasing ultra-rare game used patch autographs of Hall of Famers and graded Mickey Mantle rookie cards (though we like those, too!). In fact, we prefer to buy entire collections and are as likely to be interested in your 2002 Topps Gold commons as we are in your 1963 Topps Willie Mays.

    Please note that we are mostly interested in entire collections, and we don't generally buy single cards unless they are valued at $50 or more.

  2. Catalog Your Cards: We will need to know what you have to some extent or another. "A box with hundreds of cards" is not enough. A list of the star cards and a note telling us what you have (for example, 57 1968 commons) works great. The more specific information you can tell us about your cards, the better.

  3. What Your Cards are Worth: If you have looked at our inventory, you will have noticed that we generally sell cards for 70% of the Beckett (retail) price. So, if Beckett says that your card is "worth" $5.00, please do not expect to receive $5.00 for it from us or any other card dealer. Instead, if we are interested in your cards, we will offer you a percentage of the Beckett value depending on the desirability of what you have available.

  4. What Shape are Your Cards In?: Condition plays a major role in the value of cards. Please consult Beckett for help determining the condition of your cards. We will consider purchasing vintage cards in almost any condition, but are not interested in newer cards (post-1980) in anything but near mint or better. We may ask for scans to help me determine their condition, or we may ask you to send us your cards so that we can grade their condition before we make you an offer.

  5. If we agree on a price for your cards, we will ask you to send them to us. Once they arrive, and we determine that the condition is satisfactory, we will send you a check or paypal payment depending on your preference.

    How to Trade With Us

    Since selling baseball cards is how we make my living, we prefer to buy and sell rather than trade. However, we will trade in the right circumstances. If you want to trade with us, please email us with a list of what you have to trade and details about what you are hoping to get in return. Please understand that we cannot trade for even Beckett value and will ask for a premium in exchange.